FREE .TK Domain Name
Get your FREE .TK Domain Name HERE.

Once you have your NO COST hosting account you add the new domain name.  Register your FREE .TK Domain Name with the Nameservers pointing correctly to 000Webhost so that you can then use their Website Builder to build your website on your new .TK domain name.  Log in to your Easy Web Builder on your new .TK domain name  e.g. at with your 000Webhost Username & Password.

Any no cost website that you register with will have their extension such as “” attached.  If you registered “MyName” as a base, it would be - you can then register a FREE .TK domain name that you must add as a Parked domain - the nameservers must point to the hosting servers as stated below.

Add your domain name as a Parked Domain & then start building:

Parked Domains (Domain pointers) allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to also reach your website when entering the "parked" or "pointed" domain into their browsers. For example if you will decide to park on top of domain, when visitor will enter they will see content of website

Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to our DNS servers - and

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