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Although the FREE Web Hosting Package offers great value, FREE is always limited and with our affordable monthly hosting plans you should rather get a more suitable hosting package that you can upgrade and grow with your business and requirements.  The FREE option is great for a simple family or small business website, but as soon as you want to expand and provide an online shopping platform, mailing lists and adding other data capabilities, it is the best to upgrade to one of the affordable paid hosting packages.

Our affordable paid hosting plans offer full C-Panel functionality and a lot of other features that other hosting companies offer at 3 - 4 times the price!  Another catch is that they quote low monthly rate and when it comes to payment, you have to pay for a year or two in advance to get the lower hosting rate and they offer no moth to month hosting.  With us, you van pay monthly on the $3 and $5 plans. 

Although you can get your own domain name with our FREE hosting, your email addresses with still have the initial extension that is part of your initial account.  Businesses might require more than 5 email addresses and it is preferable to have your email address the same as your domain.

Special Offer: Refer 2 that take up the Unlimited Hosting at $5 (R45) per month or $50 (R450) per year and I will give you the Unlimited Hosting Package FREE of charge!


 Hosting Plans FREE Hosting

Custom   C-Panel
Full C-Panel

(Annual Payment)
Full C-Panel

(Annual Payment)
Full C-Panel

(Annual / Monthly)
Full C-Panel

(Annual / Monthly)
Web Space 1 500 MB  10MB 20MB 100MB Unlimited 1.5 TB
Monthly Bandwidth 100 GB  1 GB 2 GB 3 GB Unlimited 30,000 GB
Number of separate websites
that can be hosted in one plan
1 2 3 Unlimited
Parked Domains 1 2 3 Unlimited
Add-on Domains 0 1 2 Unlimited
Sub Domains 20 50 100 Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 1 2 10 Unlimited
Email Accounts (full POP3, IMAP & SMTP) 5 (limited to free extension)  20 50 100 Unlimited
Mailing Lists 2 10 20 Unlimited
Discounts For 1 Year Purchase 10% 10% 10% 16.66%
Net Cost Per Year $10.80 $21.60 $32.40 $50.00

By EFT or Debit Order (South Africa)   R110 R220 R330 R450
Discounts For Monthly Subscriptions - - - - -
Net Cost Per Month       $3 $5

By Debit Order  (South Africa)     R30  R45 
Technical Information          
Apache Web Server  
Multiple Network
Red Hat CLOUD Linux  
PHP 5.2  
Zend Optimizer  
Shared SSL  
SSI - Server Side Includes  
GD Library  
Directory Protection  
Downloadable Daily Backup
Raw Log Files  
Apache Handler Manager  
MIME Type Manager  
Custom Error Pages  
Powerful Online Website Builder  
Shockwave & Flash  
XML Support  
EXIF Support  
Optional Hotlink Protection  
ImageMagick Support  
Ruby on Rails  
WAP Enabled  
Mod_Rewrite Enabled  
Python/Tomcat/Java Support  
CURL Enabled  
Netpbm Support  
Wildcard Domains  
Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support  
Powerful Clustered Servers
(Intel DUAL XEON Processors, SATA Hard Drives, 64 GB Ram etc.)
24/7 Expert Helpdesk  
24/7 Server Monitoring  
99.99% Server Uptime  
Major Bandwidth Providers  
Email Features          
Number of emails which can be sent per hour 20 50 100 150 200
Spam Filters  
Virus Protection  
Webmail Access  
IMAP Support  
Email Forwarders  
Auto Responders  
RoundCube Webmail  
Control Panel Features          
RV Skin  
Preconfigured Scripts  
File Manager  
MS FrontPage  
Shopping Carts  
General Features          
Site Builder
24x7 Support  
No Contract!  
99.99% Uptime  
Money Back Guarantee  
Free + Instant Setup  
SSH Access  
Discounts For 1 Year Purchase   10% 10% 10% 16.66%
Net Cost Per Year   $10.80 $21.60 $32.40 $50.00

By Debit Order or EFT
(South Africa)
R110 R220 R330 R450
Discounts For Monthly Subscriptions   - - - -
Net Cost Per Month       $3 $5

By Debit Order  (South Africa)     R30 R45